Agricultural Implements

You will definitely find one wood splitter that covers your needs! If not, then we can manufacture one according to your demands that will fully cover you.

The separation of machines takes place from the way the splitter moves. In constant production there are splitters with petrol engine, electro engine and the ones which take movement from the P.T.O. of the tractor.

All machines have the power to tear apart the same form of wood. What changes is the splitting speed, which is related to motor‘s horsepower.

Upon request we can manufacture the following:

  • Oil motor
  • A basis which is connected to the bucket from the vehicle.
  • Special pattern that is connected to JCB bucket and splits the roots while they are still in earth/ground.



Electro Engine Splitters


Petrol Engine Splitters


Hydraulic Motor Splitters


P.T.O. Splitters

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