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Pellet Burner Tsovea
  • Pellet Burner Tsovea
  • Pellet Burner Tsovea

Pellet Burner Tsovea

Τsovea forms the most reliable burner of high standards. The integrated FKK ceramic igniter, has an energy consumption equal to only 10% of the respective energy amount that is needed for the operation of a hot air fan or an ignition blower, achieving energy saving up to 90%. Its lambda sensor adjusts the quantity of the air that is supplied to the combustion chamber, so that the minimum fuel quantity is consumed, which is necessary in order to maintain a high heating efficiency, releasing, at the same time, less pollutants into the atmosphere.

The auto-cleaning system apart from the typical air cleaning, has a special sliding mechanism, which cleans the burner from the combustion residues during the ignition. For this reason, its supports even the use of lower quality pellet fuel. Nevertheless, the use of good quality fuel prolongs its estimated lifespan.

The Tsovea burner is accompanied with a very easy software, which minimizes the initial installation time. The software is available with or without Bluetooth® technology for the remote control of the device.

Axinar produces Tsovea burner in power models of: 75kW – 95kW– 120kW– 150kW

  • Power 75 – 150kW
  • Auto-cleaning with piston
  • Integrated user-friendly menu
  • Low noise fan
  • Ceramic Igniter
  • Easy & Rapid maintenance
  • High-grade non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Internal Screw Feeder
  • Lambda sensor as an extra feature
  • 5-step wizard for activation
  • Remote control with Bluetooth


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